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Regreso al pan duro 2013

Grab the Vagos Permanentes new album, "Back to the Hard bread".

A concept album taking a turn to great fictional movie titles makes them current issues. Social criticism is intertwined with a sense of humor in each of the sections in which you can see that this is the most mature work we have to date. We've Created a unique sound that locks after each disc and moves us away from other metal groups "Back to the bread Hard" comes offering a breath of fresh air to the national scene. The main voices we have worked more with respect to previous work and are much more curradas melodies.

In this paper you can find songs like "V for vagueza" "I Steal" or "War of the Mutes" to pass to join the list of hymns Ba, in other merge the Ska and Metal as in "Someone "or" Return of the Jevi ". In short, a live album without filler cuts.

For this work we have had collaborations with Juan Abarca (Mama Crabs), Antonio del Amo (El Sombrero del Abuelo) and Jose Luis Frias (Trobar Morte).

The album will be released by Damn Digital and distribution will first have physical stores and online store Trident.

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